Birthday: May 8th, 2003

Kazi: Musician

 Abigail Chamungwana known as her stage name “Abby Chams” is one of the youngest influencers in all of Africa. 

She is not only a multi award-winning vocalist and instrumentalist (playing the violin, guitar, piano, flute and drums) but also very active within community through her youth program Teen Talks with Abby Chams (a youth program which aims to raise awareness on mental health by creating a safe space for young people to discuss the challenges they face and ways to overcome them, erasing the shame and stigma that surrounds it) as well as being UNICEF’s Youth Advocate in Tanzania for Mental Health and Gender Equality. 

Abby Chams is also well as the ambassador for the Tanzania Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture. 

At just 18 years old, she is now the youngest entrepreneur in Tanzania being the CEO and founder of “Abby Chams School of Music” and a clothing line, “Jean’d Up”.

We love Abby because she is one talented artist that sets a high bar for young girls and teenagers. She is quite an inspiration to us.

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